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The mapping American history project is committed to providing K-12 teachers with trusted resources to help them enrich classroom experiences in history. The resources highlighted here offer innovative ways to think about history teaching. These projects emphasize historical thinking skills so you can pair their approach with our primary sources to develop your own lessons.

In addition to these websites, we offer a bibliography of books and articles to stimulate your thinking. The literature on professional development emphasizes the importance of reflection, so we encourage you to become a scholar of your own teaching. These readings can help guide your thoughts.


Historical Thinking Websites

The Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) sponsors research projects in history teaching and learning. This site is a gateway to their Reading Like a Historian and Historical Thinking Matters projects. The site also includes a link to its “Beyond the Bubble” project for history assessments.

The Library of Congress’ Teaching with Primary Sources Journal is an excellent on-line publication featuring strategies for using primary sources in the classroom. Each issue includes a special focus and highlights sources from the Library of Congress archive. is a U. S. Department of Education-funded National History Education Clearinghouse created by the Center for History and New Media, which includes a wealth of materials and resources, including best practices examples for historical thinking, using primary sources, teaching with textbooks, and videos of teachers in action.

The Annenberg Foundation’s America’s History in the Making website includes an on-line course in American history with interactive features for evaluating evidence, balancing sources, interpreting maps, and analyzing artifacts.

Historical Thinking and Teaching Bibliography

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