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We have designed our site to provide you with primary source classroom materials. We hope this saves you from the effort of “googling” the web looking for diaries, letters, and political cartoons you can use with your students.

But sometimes, you just want to find your own materials!

Below is a directory of sites we like and trust. These sites have the benefit of having been produced by scholars who have vetted primary source materials, so you are more likely to find really good resources than would otherwise be the case with a generic Internet search.

We have arranged these sites into two main categories: “General Collections” includes those sites that provide a broad array of primary source materials crossing topics and periods in American history. “Special Collections” includes sites with a more specific historical focus.

General Collections

Library of Congress- American Memory Project

Comprehensive site including materials in the Library of Congress holdings and other linked digital collections, designed with teachers in mind. Many of the collections include a “Collections Connections” link with teaching ideas.

National Archives Docs Teach Site

Like the Library of Congress, the National Archives has digitized millions of primary source documents, many of which are collected in its Docs Teach site, designed specifically for teachers.

Miller Center’s American Presidents Reference Resource

University of Virginia’s Miller Center offers this resource for students of the American presidency, which includes reference materials on each of the presidents and an archive of presidential speeches. For more recent presidencies, the Miller Center presents oral histories with key administration figures.

Yale University Law School’s Avalon Project

This archive provides full-text documents related to American law, history and diplomacy, including treaties, charters, and legislation covering the entire period of American history.


Special Collections

Famous Trials

An amazing collection of famous trials with commentary and primary source materials from the trial, including transcripts, court decisions, newspaper reports and other images.


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